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Yukiko Masuda

Japan | Managing Director, APAC Legal, Labor & Compliance, FedEx Express

Yukiko Masuda is the Managing Director of APAC Legal, Labor and Compliance at FedEx Express, based in Singapore. In this role, she is responsible for legal and regulatory compliance, risk management and business continuity in APAC. Yukiko is currently leading cross-functional projects, such as the post-merger integration of FedEx Express and TNT. She is also a member of a regional crisis management team based at APAC HQ in Hong Kong. Prior to her current role, Yukiko worked in China, Japan and Hong Kong, representing multinational companies. She has represented clients in mergers and acquisitions, incorporation, joint ventures, strategic alliances and regulatory compliance. She moved to Hong Kong in 2009 to provide legal support for FedEx Express operations in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Guam and Saipan. During her law studies at Waseda University in Japan, she studied Chinese language in Jilin, China. It opened her interest in working in an international environment, which led her to complete a Master of Laws at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her interest in business and management led her to pursue a Master of Business Administration at the University of Hong Kong. Yukiko is trilingual and has worked in Japanese, English and Chinese professional environments. She has lived and worked in Japan, United States, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Yukiko Masuda
Yukiko Masuda
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