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Women's History Month 2019

To celebrate Women’s History Month, IWF is launching an online campaign focused on the importance of gender balance across all sectors. Through its @IWFglobal accounts and the hashtag #BalanceforBetter, IWF is highlighting members who have been trailblazers for gender parity. Hear from women in sports, entrepreneurship and policy about what they’re doing to better the balance in their fields.


Deborah Trudeau    |   Doha Abdelkhaleq   |   Gayle Tauber


Deborah Trudeau | IWF Global President

We all try to balance life in our own individual way. I try to be conscious of the different aspects of my life that bring me joy and satisfaction. This brings harmony into my busy life. Work keeps my engine going, Family feeds my soul, Friends bring me laughter, Passion encourages me to be creative, and Play allows me to reset and find some “down time” to recharge. I break up each day into small compartments and try to take note of the meaningful moments. Mindfulness of my surroundings, my interaction andthe simple pleasures help me prioritize to better the balance.

Doha Abdelkhaleq | IWF Jordan

Balance is everything and seeking the balance is a profound life and business quest. Whether in a board room or while raising a young daughter, I mindfully seek gender balance in every decision I make simply because balance is fairness, and I believe it is good for economy and talent! I am also willing to take all affirmative actions necessary to correct any gender imbalance I see around!


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Women's History Month 2019
Women's History Month 2019
International Women's Forum