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Viridiana Ríos

Mexico | Visiting Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Viridiana (Viri) Ríos is a scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor with the Department of Government at Harvard University and is based in Mexico City, Mexico. She is an opinion leader that relies on cutting-edge data analysis and research journalism to advance acute understandings of pressing social problems in Mexico, and to convey creative solutions. As a public intellectual, she writes a monthly op-ed for the New York Times (Spanish), a weekly op-ed for Excelsior, one of Mexico’s main national newspapers, and participates as an analyst for the top-political analysis shows on Mexican national TV. As a scholar, Viri has written several peer-reviewed papers, co-authored the book “#TheMissingReform,” and was honored to be selected in 2018 as one of the top Latin American academics by the Library of Congress. The Harvard Gazette selected her as one of 15 Harvard stellar graduates, and the American Political Science Association awarded her the best public administration dissertation in 2014.

As an activist, Viri was the founding CEO of México ¿Cómo Vamos?, a startup think tank, and most recently of, a research collective that has identified acts of corruption in 1,700 public institutions. Due to her work as an activist, The Economist profiled her as a “mover and shaker” of Mexico's civil society, and she was selected by the Mexican Senate to be the youngest Selection Commissioner of the National Anti-Corruption System. Aside from her work as an academic and activist, Viri regularly works as private adviser for top political leaders, helping them identify, measure and expose counter-intuitive policy truths using data. She has advised a broad range of public and private sector leaders, including the spokesman for the Mexican president, the Minister of Finance, the president of the largest business organization in Mexico, and the World Bank. Viri received her PhD from Harvard University in 2013.

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Viridiana Rios
Viridiana Ríos
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