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Violetta Nosareva & Anne Loveridge

Violetta Nosareva

Tennis| Australia

WABN Mentee

Violetta Nosareva is an elite tennis athlete hailing from Australia. Violetta’s tennis career began at the age of six when she started training regularly. This passion and drive translated into numerous achievements, including participation in international tennis academies, achieving a Top 100 national tennis ranking for Under-18s and participation in the professional junior tennis circuit (ITF). During her time in California, Violetta competed within NCAA Division II. In 2012, she was awarded a place in the Elite Athlete Program at the University of Sydney, receiving a talented athlete scholarship. Violetta has represented the university in the Australian University Games, competing with national tennis teams and ultimately winning a Gold medal. In 2014, Violetta graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney, majoring in Management and International Business. She has been working in the financial services industry for the past four years, with experience in institutional and corporate banking. Violetta is passionate about equality in the banking sector and has been advocating for women, both internally and in the wider corporate world. Violetta has great confidence in the ability of people to examine their own circumstances, set goals and improve their lot in life. It is an outlook she strives to put into effect with each new day, as she seeks to continually improve, whether that be professionally or academically. Currently, Violetta is pursuing an MBA and working full-time for the HSBC Bank in Australia.

Anne Loveridge

Non-Executive Director | National Australia Bank

Mentor | IWF Australia

Anne Loveridge has over 30 years' business experience in the banking, property, private equity and wealth management, and health insurance sectors. Prior to becoming a Non-Executive Director (NED) at National Australia Bank, Anne was a Senior Partner at PwC, part of the Australian Firm Leadership team, and leader of the financial services practice. Anne has a strong interest in leadership and led many of PwC's leadership development programs and work-life balance and culture initiatives, being a passionate campaigner for women leadership within the firm. This included re­evaluating standard training and assessment programs to identify and address areas of possible unconscious bias and barriers to diversity. Anne has a broad range of interests, which she endeavors to combine with her professional life to ensure that she leverages her interest and passion for arts and theatre, travel and languages, and keeps fit. Anne is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors, a member of International Women's Forum in Australia, and, a member of the Chief Executive Women (CEW). She holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and Economics (Joint Honors) from the University of Reading (UK). Anne is married with two adult children.

Violetta Nosareva Anne Loveridge
Violetta Nosareva & Anne Loveridge
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