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The Fight for Justice for Women: A Conversation with Attorney Gloria Allred

On September 29th, IWF heard from esteemed women’s rights icon and IWF Southern California member, attorney Gloria Allred, in a special session highlighting the issue of violence against women, impacting women globally.

Ms. Allred has dedicated her life to pursuing equal justice under the law for all Americans no matter their gender, race, age, sexual orientation or disability. Ms. Allred is a partner in the law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg which has been the leading women’s rights law firm in the United States for 44 years. Her law firm has won new rights for women and minorities and hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of violence against women. Ms. Allred will address what is happening in many high profile cases involving victims of rape, child sexual abuse, sexual assault and sex trafficking of underage girls. She will discuss the Harvey Weinstein case, the case of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Cuba Gooding Jr., and the sexual harassment case against billionaire, Alki David, which her law firm won last year resulting in a verdict of $58,250,000 for one victim of sexual harassment.

In addition, the conversation with Ms. Allred included how the pandemic has impacted victims of domestic violence. Stay-at-home orders have led to alarming spikes in the numbers of gender-based violence attacks across the globe. It is crucial that this pandemic within a pandemic not only be acknowledged but addressed through action.

Ms. Allred also discussed the significance of the loss of United States Supreme Court Justice and IWF Washington, DC member, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the impact it will have on the rights of women and minorities around the world.

In our conversation with Ms. Allred, we gained insight into her experiences fighting for the rights of women and minorities. We will acquire a deeper understanding of the power of a woman’s voice. Jeanne Meserve, award-winning journalist and former CNN correspondent, will moderate the discussion.

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The Fight for Justice for Women: A Conversation with Attorney Gloria Allred
The Fight for Justice for Women: A Conversation with Attorney Gloria Allred
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