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The COVID-19 Vaccine: How the Race Was Won and What Comes Next

One year later, COVID-19 remains front and center in our lives. It continues to impact the ways we work and live and is still the center of conversation amongst our friends, families, colleagues, the media and our elected officials. Six months ago, Susan Silbermann participated in an IWF session where she shared how Pfizer was responding and what she had learned as the leader of the company’s Global COVID-19 Task Force. Now with a vaccine launched, Susan will join us again to reflect on where we are now, how we got here and where we are going with COVID vaccines.

On Wednesday, February 3, we held a special session - The COVID-19 Vaccine – How the Race Was Won and What Comes Next. Please see the recording below. 

Susan Silbermann is a member of the Women’s Forum of New York. She is a Global Advisor to Pfizer’s Biopharmaceuticals Group and the former President of Pfizer Emerging Markets. She spent the last year as head of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Global Task Force, ensuring the safety and well-being of Pfizer’s almost 90,000 colleagues as well as continued operations of its global supply chain of medicine and vaccines. In this session moderated by fellow Women’s Forum of New York member and IWF Global Vice President Carolyn Carter, Susan will share more from her experience leading the task force and provide valuable insight into Pfizer’s efforts.


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The COVID-19 Vaccine: How the Race Was Won and What Comes Next
The COVID-19 Vaccine: How the Race Was Won and What Comes Next
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