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Quarantine, lockdowns, confinement, social distancing. These words take on new meaning today. Given this new reality, it is more important than ever to stay connected and offer one another support. It is more important than ever to move ahead with positivity and humor. We are each finding our own ways around this, and IWF is here to lend a hand.

I am happy to welcome you to IWF’s “COVID Community Corner.” This special webpage is a virtual hub of resources, articles and programming that will help the IWF community lead through this tumultuous time. From uplifting member stories to informative conference sessions, there is something useful for anyone. We will continue to update this page as we create more unique content.

As global leaders, we typically come face to face with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, yet we find a way to overcome. There is always a silver lining. Humanity and kindness will prevail. Keep one another close, and remember you can lean on this community whenever you need it.

Stay well, 

Deborah Shannon Trudeau

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Tools and tips for connecting with our IWF community through digital platforms. 


This is a private discussion platform where you may reach out to IWF Forum Members from across the globe to share news, ask questions, and gather information. 


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A window into the lives of IWF members and other impressive women leading in their fields around the world




Message from the IWF President


Coronavirus - Crisis and Opportunity


Breathe It All In

We are now in unprecedented times in which how we live our lives and interact with society has completely changed...


We're sharing a timely piece written by Clinical Psychologist and IWF South Africa member "DrD" Dorianne Weil.


Presented as a live event on the @IWFGlobal Instagram page, our first online session will take place on Thursday, April 2, at 10:00 AM ET (USA). Titled “Breathe It All In,” breathing expert Richie Bostock will take participants through a complete, 45-minute Breathwork session.



Ideas Remaking the World




Rochelle Courtenay - Director of Share
the Dignity | Nancy Hughes- StoveTeam | Janice Wang - Alvanon


Harnessing Big Data to Amplify Women’s Voices - Shari Graydon
Improving the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and the Community - Carmen Best

2018 World Leadership Conference in Miami


2019 World Leadership Conference in Toronto


2019 World Leadership Conference in Toronto




A window into the lives of IWF members and other impressive women leading in their fields around the world





Peggy Goldwyn


Tina Moen


Nobel Laureates Drs. Frances Arnold & Donna Strickland

 IWF Idaho member Peggy Elliott Goldwyn began her career writing, directing and producing documentaries for syndicated television. She wrote television comedies for many years, including "That Girl," "The Odd Couple" and "Happy Days," as well as television movies and motion pictures. Today, she’s a novelist, activist and fierce woman’s advocate.


Dr. Moen joined us at the 2019 World Leadership Conference in Toronto to discuss the artificial intelligence revolution. As a panelist, she spoke about the latest frontiers of this exciting new technology, including the specific intersection of AI and healthcare.



While in Toronto for the 2019 IWF World Leadership Conference, we inducted two outstanding women into our Hall of Fame: Drs. Frances Arnold and Donna Strickland. We wanted to hear more from these accomplished experts. We asked each woman about life after winning the Nobel, new thoughts on their respective innovations, and how we can encourage more young people to take up science.



Dr. Bernice King with Natosha Reid Rice (Part I)


Dr. Bernice King with Natosha Reid Rice (Part II)
Fatma Samoura

We sat down for a conversation between Natosha Reid Rice and Dr. Bernice King. Dr. King is the CEO of The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Her mother was a founding member of the Georgia Forum and a former IWF Hall of Fame Honoree. Natosha Reid Rice is a member of the 2017-2018 Leadership Foundation Fellows Program. She is the Associate General Counsel for Habitat for Humanity and the Associate Pastor of Women’s Ministries at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.


The second and final installment of this conversation.







This edition features a conversation with one of sports’ most powerful people: FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura. While in Barcelona to speak at our 2019 Cornerstone Conference, Samoura talked to us about why she decided to take the role at FIFA, what she's changing to make football a powerful force for good, and how a new slogan – #DareToShine – will help take the women’s game to a new level.







2019 World Leadership Conference Toronto - Sessions
2019 Cornerstone Conference Barcelona - Sessions
2019 IWF World Leadership Conference - Women Fully Clothed (sketch comedy troupe)





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