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Terza Lima-Neves

Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Johnson C. Smith University

Dr. Terza Silva Lima-Neves is the Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at John C. Smith University based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a proud Cabo Verdean-American woman, wife, mom, scholar, award-winning professor, and Black African feminist. As an educator and scholar, Terza’s research is interdisciplinary in nature and straddles political science, sociology, African studies, and women and gender studies. Currently, she is one of a handful of scholars whose work focuses on the emerging field of Cabo Women’s studies adding the voice, stories and experiences of Cabo Verdean women to the larger body of literature on (Lusophone) African studies, African gender studies, and modern African diaspora studies. Terza prides herself in offering culturally competent advising and mentoring to her students and is an active advocate for policies that create a life-work balance and center Black women's lives and experiences at institutions of higher education.

Terza is the 2020 Martin Luther King, Jr. Vision Award recipient at Providence College, a 2019 finalist for the HBCU Digest Female Faculty of the Year, the 2019-20 President of the North Carolina Political Science Association (the first Black person to serve in this role), Co-Founder of Poderoza: International Conference on Cabo Verdean Women, and founding President of the Cape Verdeans of the Carolinas Association. She is passionate about community work that empowers and inspires people. She lives in Charlotte with her husband, Luis, and their children.

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Terza Lima-Neves
Terza Lima-Neves
International Women's Forum