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Special Interest Group: Health Care

On Thursday, September 24, we were joined by the Special Interest Group: Health Care for a discussion with Ivy Ng, CEO of Singapore Health and Services and member of IWF Singapore, Dr. Elena Orfanos-Boeckel, Internist, Praxis fuer Ganzheitliche Innere Medizin and member of IWF Germany, and Dr. Lucy Hone, Director, New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience and member of IWF New Zealand.

We are saddened by the fact we won’t be able to convene again in person for a while, but we want to keep the momentum of this important network going. The world is a different place since we were last together, and as leaders and powerful women invested in health care, we have been at the forefront of this crisis in many ways.

We listened to you about topics and speakers that may be of interest and there was an overwhelming request to discuss COVID-19 and the future of health care. We think there is much to learn from one another about how our countries have responded to the outbreak, how we have and continue to protect our most vulnerable populations, and what COVID-19 has taught us about our health care systems.

The objective of the IWF Special Interest Group: Health Care has always been to bring together female leaders in the fields of health care and beyond to meet one another, and discuss shared priorities and innovative ways to improve women's health and health care in general. We want to create a space where members with mutual interests can meet, so we can continue to connect with one another until we can be together in person again. While this session will feature a panel of speakers, we will offer ample time for discussion and networking with one another.

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Special Interest Group: Health Care
Special Interest Group: Health Care
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