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Renée Rattray

Education Consultant

TEACHgood LEADgood

Renée Rattray an Education Consultant and CEO of TEACHGood | LEADGood based in Jamaica. She is an educator with a unique combination of expertise in special education, leadership and teacher development, training and coaching, behavior change, and project management. Renée is recognized as a thought leader for her innovative work in Education in Jamaica.

Renée is committed to service and is a Director on several public and private sector boards, including the MultiCareYouth Foundation, Maxfield Park Children’s Home, Trench Town Polytechnic, American International School of Kingston, Creative Language-Based Learning Foundation, TeachFirst Jamaica and Edufocal Company Limited. Renée holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of the West Indies, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology from Columbia University, a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Nova South Eastern University and a professional certificate in Leading Change in Education Systems: Effective Policy and Practice for Improving Outcomes from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Renee Rattray
Renée Rattray
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