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Reem Abu Hassan

Attorney and Human Rights Activists

Reem Abu Hassan is a Jordanian attorney and human rights activist focusing on legislation and public policy around family protection and women's empowerment. Currently Reem heads the Covid 19 Jordanian emergency relief fund to support individuals and families affected by the pandemic. From March 2013 - May 2016, she served as the Minister of Social Development in Jordan, which focuses on social protection for vulnerable groups, poverty reduction, and regulating and empowering civil society. Prior to her ministerial post, Reem served as Secretary General of the National Council for Family Affairs, establishing policies to support the family and protect its members, as well as advocating for early childhood development in Jordan. Reem is currently the Honorary President of the Society for Protecting Family Violence Victims, a civil society organization working with juvenile girls in conflict with the law, girls in need of protection, and victims of domestic violence. From 2006-2008, as an advisor to the Minister of Justice, she established the Family Affairs and Human Rights Directorate in the Ministry of Justice. Reem serves on the Boards of Directors for the Higher Population Council and the Nursing Board. She is one of the founding members of IWF Jordan and was instrumental in establishing IWF forums in Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Reem Abu Hassan
Reem Abu Hassan
International Women's Forum