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A Quarter Century of Change: Reflections on Women in Leadership


On June 21, IWF’s Leadership Foundation celebrated the 25 years of the Fellows Program and the women who made it possible. 140 women traveled from 8 countries to be a part of this discussion and celebration, including 37 fellow alumnae from 16 of the 24 cohorts.

At the roundtable discussion, A Quarter Century of Change, four women who put big cracks in the glass ceiling shared their unique perspective and discussed the current status of women in the workplace. The conversation with the audience that followed was robust and thought-provoking.

Speakers included:
  • Cari Dominguez, President, IWF Washington, D.C. & Former Chair,
    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Barbara Hackman Franklin, Member, IWF Washington, D.C., President and
    CEO, Barbara Franklin Enterprises, & former U.S. Secretary of Commerce.
  • Lisa Osborne Ross, Washington, D.C. President, Edelman &
    Former Deputy Director, U.S. Glass Ceiling Commission.
  • Marty Wikstrom, Member, IWF United Kingdom & Founder, Atelier Fund
  • Betsy Fischer Martin, Member, IWF Washington, D.C. & President, Fischer Martin

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The reception at the home of IWF Washington, DC Member Kitty Kelley was a fitting celebration of the incredible leaders who created the Foundation and the Fellows Program. Present founders included Alex Armstrong, Susie Greenwood, Karyl Innis, Lou Kerr, Cynthia Maduro Ryan, Carol Sisco, Fran Streets, and Carol Cox Wait.

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A Quarter Century of Change: Reflections on Women in Leadership
A Quarter Century of Change: Reflections on Women in Leadership
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