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Maryam Mutallab

Founder/ Director

Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls

Maryam Mutallab Duba is the Founder and Director of Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls. She is a successful entrepreneur and educationist founding several businesses in education, capacity building, and telecommunications. She has extensive experience in the education industry, spanning over a decade. Her recent projects include completing a $5 million project to construct world-class education infrastructure for girls. Passionate about developing the minds of children. Her focus is on girl's education at the formative age of 11-16 most especially in the Northern part of Nigeria where girls are at a disadvantage in education. Maryam hopes to bring a culture of a mentorship program to young girls, and mentor young graduates on life and career success. She is now involved in many innovative projects, and her role as an education advocate is one that she is passionate about. She has pioneered initiatives such as Work Ready Nigeria, an initiative borne out of the need to address the skill gaps and inadequacies of Graduates in Nigeria and connecting them to potential employers. Her achievements have also been recognized by the Acumen leadership development program.

Maryam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Abuja and Master of Business Administration from the University of East London. Additionally, she was Fellow in the Stanford University SEED Transformation program in 2019.

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Maryam Mutallab
Maryam Mutallab
International Women's Forum