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Mariagrazia Runci is a Chemical Engineer and has been working at Accenture for 20 years. She is responsible for technology business units for the clients who operate in upstream and downstream Energy markets for the ICEG (Italy, Central Europe, Greece) region. She is also the Technology Client Account Lead for ENI (Italian Oil Company). As an innovator with a passion for technology, especially in utilities and oil and gas industries, she is now collaborating in the Accenture team to lead the Energy Transition (Hydrogen and Biomass) of their client. In addition, she held responsibilities to lead the Inclusion & Diversity strategic initiatives for ICEG, operating as a change agent in her organization to increase the gender mix, working on the improvement of the recruiting mix during the hiring process, and on the reduction of female attrition.

She currently resides in Milano with her wonderful husband and two kids.

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MariaGrazia Runci
MariaGrazia Runci
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