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María Auxiliadora Patiño

CEO, Recorsa

María Auxiliadora Patiño is CEO of Recorsa, her family’s business founded 67 years ago in Ecuador. Today, it is a global business leading projects in infrastructure, including transportation, utilities, and hydroelectric. In her early career, María pursued her passion for horticulture and was the Founder of the National Council of Garden Clubs. Not only did this contribute to the preservation of green areas in Guayaquil but served the community by providing education to train women and people with disabilities in design and horticulture. She has also engaged in the community as Chairman and Founding Board Member of Manuel Ignacio Gómez Lince Foundation. In addition, María founded Jacaranda, a school for low incomes girls, providing free education to them as well as job training for their mothers. She received a law degree from Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil and degree in Nonprofit Administration from Casa Grande University.

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Maria Auxiliadora Patiño de Macias
María Auxiliadora Patiño
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