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Margaret Hogan & Kay Henry

Margaret Hogan

Canoe Sprint | USA


Margaret (Maggie) Hogan is a Canoe Sprint Olympian who represented Team USA at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Maggie was the only U.S. athlete to qualify for these Games in Canoe Sprint and credits her coach and current business partner, Michele Eray, with getting her to the point where she could make the team. In 2005, she first became a member of the US National Canoe and Kayak team, going on to represent the US in numerous World Championships across five different paddling sports. After the Games, she and Michele started “Paddle California”, an online retailer of high-performance racing boats and paddle coaching business. After their first year, it became clear they wanted to create a successful business both financially and in impact. Maggie is currently working to sustainably change the sport of Canoe Sprint in the United States, a challenge she is uniquely situated to take on. Maggie has a BS in Bio-Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, an MBA from Oklahoma City University, and an Executive Education Certificate from the Tuck School of Business.

Kay Henry

Co-Founder | Northern Forest Canoe Trail


Kay Henry is an entrepreneur with a focus on outdoor recreation in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She was a co-founder of Mad River Canoe, an internationally known canoe manufacturing company, and was the company's President until its sale in 1998 to Confluence Watersports. She and her husband then founded the non-profit, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, the longest inland water trail in the United States, in order to preserve access for recreational paddling in the Northeastern US at a time of huge turnover of private timberlands. This organization has developed into a national model for public/private stewardship partnerships. A former National Champion in Open Canoe Whitewater events in the 1980s, and winner of international races such as the 300 mile Arctic Canoe Race in Finland, Kay has been honored with the “Legends of Paddling” award from the American Canoe Association and as an L.L.Bean Outdoor Hero. Adventure travel is a strong focus for Kay’s personal time with several months each year spent hiking, skiing or paddling in wild places, both in the US and abroad. Kay was a former board member of the New England Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Outdoor Industry Association and the national environmental organization American Rivers. She currently serves on the boards of Maine Outdoor Brands, Girl Scouts of Maine, and the School of the Environment at The University of Vermont. In addition to her consulting business, Outdoorsense, Kay also works as a Business Development Advisor for PlumRiver LLC, a business-to-business ecommerce software company with clients in the outdoor industry. Kay is currently President of the Maine chapter of IWF.

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Margaret Hogan & Kay Henry
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