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Leanne Del Toso & Annie Crawford

Leanne Del Toso

Wheelchair Basketball | Australia


Leanne Del Toso is a Wheelchair Basketball Paralympian who represented Team Australia at the 2012 London Games. At the age of 19, Leanne suddenly developed a neurological condition known as Hereditary Sensory and Motor Neuropathy causing her to lose the ability to run, jump and balance on her own, as well as, strength and sensation in both her hands and feet. With an unknown future, Leanne spent years completing constant physiotherapy and treatment. Desiring a greater quality of life and to return to her previous athletic capabilities, Leanne discovered wheelchair basketball. Her love for the sport was instant and in her first year, she was awarded “Best New Talent” in the Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL). In 2009, three years after her first venture onto the court, Leanne played her first international tournament in Japan. In her 12-year career, Leanne has won a multitude of awards including; Club MVP (5X); National MVP (2x); “Athlete of the Year” (2x); Banyule Council “Sportsperson of the Year”; the “True Sport Award”; and, multiple National Championships (2011, 2012, 2015). Leanne has also competed in three world championship campaigns. At the 2012 London Games, Leanne and the Australian national team, the Australian Gliders, won Silver. Drawing from her global experiences in wheelchair basketball, Leanne has assumed the Head Coach position for the Victorian Junior Wheelchair Basketball team as a mentor and role model for not only those with disabilities but for all women. Leanne is a motivational speaker. Her elite status and leadership abilities empower her to inspire the next generation to dream big. In September 2018, Leanne announced her retirement from the Australian Gliders, taking with her 164 international games, wonderful memories and long lasting friendships. She now turns her focus to creating the best opportunities for success both in life, and in the workplace.

Annie Crawford

Founder and Chair | Can Too Foundation

MENTOR | IWF Australia

Annie Crawford knows firsthand the devastating impact cancer can have on an individual and their family after losing her own father to bowel cancer at age 51. Originally a social worker, working in community mental health and sexual assault, Annie moved into human resources before helping to set up a biotechnology start-up in San Francisco, California. After returning to Australia in 2003, rather than re-enter the paid workforce, Annie decided to work on new project that was all about "making a difference". She decided to combine her passion for running and fitness with raising money for a non-profit organization and so, the idea for Can Too was born. Five months later, in May 2005, the first Can Too program was up and running. Can Too has now trained 15,500 participants and raised over $20M for cancer research in NSW, Victoria, Old and the ACT in running, ocean swimming and triathlon. Annie retired from being Chair of the Can Too Foundation and was on the board of Cure Cancer Australia from 2011- 2106 and the board of the 10 Thousand Girl Campaign from 2011- 2105. She is currently on the Council of Opportunity International - a non-profit that specializes in giving microfinance to women living in India and other parts of Asia. Annie works as an Executive Coach, primarily in the non-profit space. She received an AM in 2013 and has received other awards in recognition of her work, including nominations for Australian of the Year.

Leanne Del Toso Annie Crawford
Leanne Del Toso & Annie Crawford
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