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IWF Game Changers is a monthly conversation with some of the trailblazing members of the International Women’s Forum. These women are policymakers, executives, pioneers and instigators of change. And in the studio, they’re sharing stories of lessons learned and insights gained from their journeys. Anne Doyle, president of IWF Michigan and podcast host, welcomes each guest to talk about their life in leadership. Listen to past episodes of IWF Game Changers below


Shamim Jawad and Totsie Memela

Broadcasted from the IWF Cornerstone Conference in Barcelona, Spain, the second episode of “Game Changers” features an important discussion about girls’ access to education. Two panelists and IWF members – Shamim Jawad and Totsie Memela – discuss their personal ties to the cause and how society can address the lack of girls in school.


IWF Game Changers - Shamim Jawad and Totsie Memela
Shamim Jawad and Totsie Memela

Olympic Gold Medalist Donna de Varona

In the inaugural episode of IWF Game Changers, IWF Michigan President and host Anne Doyle sits down with Donna de Varona, named by Sports Illustrated as one of the greatest female athletes of the 20th century. Outside of her storied swimming and sports broadcasting career, Donna has been a fierce supporter of women in sports, becoming the co-founder and first president of the Women’s Sports Foundation.


Olympic Gold Medalist Donna de Varona
Olympic Gold Medalist Donna de Varona
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