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Helen Rule - President

Chairman, Imatech Group of Companies

Helen Rule is Chairman of the Imatech Group of Companies. Based in Europe with its largest branches in Australia, Imatech is a diversified products, industrial systems, and services company. Her driven attitude is the reason Imatech has succeeded in local and international markets and this, combined with an innate ability to forecast trends, has resulted in many achievements over the past years. Prior to joining her husband at the helm of the company, she served as the Human Resources Director of Industrial Automation Control with Honeywell, Inc. where she had worked in several capacities since 1982. As Director, she was responsible for developing and implementing an organizational re-design of the Industrial Automation business unit from a decentralized entity towards a single-unit covering 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Helen has mentored more than 30 female leaders over the past 30 years and is very active with her philanthropic efforts, both locally and internationally. Representing Honeywell, Helen was a founding member of the Cranio Facial Unit; served on the Board of Habitat for Humanity (Sydney); and is heavily involved in community programs. She is also currently serving on the advisory board for the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship School. Helen is a Leadership Foundation Fellow, Class of 2000-2001, and a founding Director of IWF Australia.

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Helen Rule
Helen Rule - President
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