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Fiorella Passoni


Edelman Italy

Fiorella Passoni is Chief Operating Officer of Edelman Italy based in Rome. She has spent over 30 years in communications, most of which have been spent at Edelman. Through these years, Fiorella has had several chances to face and solve business challenges in various industries, from manufacturing to food, fashion, health, energy, retail, automotive, travel, luxury, and beverage, to name just a few. She has worked on more than 1,000 clients and about 10,000 different projects in her whole career. Integrated marketing and communication today need an earned media-centric approach that is digital by design. And that’s exactly what Fiorella does at Edelman, helping her clients evolve, promote, protect their business, and build trust among different stakeholders.

Fiorella holds a seat at the Council for the United States and Italy, and continuous connections with Women’s Forum, W.I.N., Business Forum, and the Singularity University. She is an adjunct professor at Lumsa University (Vatican University). The awards received along the years include “Communication Woman of the Year,” “Communication Manager of the Year,” “Best Innovative Agency of the Year,” “Consultancy Office of the Year,” “Positive Business Company,” and “Positive Business Team.”

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Fiorella Passoni
Fiorella Passoni
International Women's Forum