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We Advance the Next Generation of Women Leaders

IWF’s Leadership Foundation accelerates the careers of top-performing women by offering mentoring, networking and world-class leadership development training. The Leadership Foundation supports this mission through its flagship initiative, the Fellows Program.

The Leadership Foundation maintains an Endowment designed to sustain the financial health of the organization and strengthen our mission. Established in 2000, the Endowment consists of the General Endowment fund and eight named funds which you can choose from:

  • General Endowment Fund – Income earned on the General Endowment Fund may be used for the benefit of the Foundation as authorized by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and is used to support Foundation operations and to deliver the Fellows Program and other Foundation initiatives.
  • Jean Head Sisco Empowerment Fund – Established in 2000, in honor of Jean Head Sisco, a founder and former Chairman of the Leadership Foundation, income from this Fund is used to benefit the Fellows Program.
  • Margita White Fund – Established in 2002 to honor Margita White, a communications industry pioneer and long-time IWF member, income from this Fund is used to underwrite the tuition of women leaders in the communications field within the Fellows Program.
  • Lillie Richardella Fund – Established in 2007 to honor Lillie Richardella, former CEO of IWF and the Leadership Foundation, income from this Fund may be spent for the Fellows Program in any way that will enhance the Program.
  • Carolyn Golding Alumnae Legacy Scholarship Fund – Initiated in 2007 by Fellows Program alumnae in honor of Carolyn Golding, who served as the long-time facilitator for the Fellows Program, income from this Fund may be used to provide financial support for women who would otherwise be unable to participate in the Fellows Program. Beneficiaries of the scholarship must be women from emerging economies, non-profit organizations, and other circumstances where funding for tuition is out of reach.
  • Kathryn Checchi Fund – Established in 2009 in honor of the Leadership Foundation’s past President and long-time Board member, Kathryn Checchi, income from this Fund is designated for use toward Fellows Program scholarships.
  • Margo Provost Fund – Established in 2010 by Leadership Foundation Director and former Treasurer Margo Provost, income from this fund is designated to fund Fellows Program scholarships for women from emerging markets where resources are limited and where poverty and lack of access to opportunity are fundamental obstructions to women’s prosperity.
  • Barbara Fergus Fund – Established in 2017 by Barbara Fergus, a former Leadership Foundation Director and Treasurer, income from this Fund is designated for use toward Fellows Program scholarships.
  • Federal Fellows Scholarship – Established in 2005 with a Congressionally-directed grant, income from this Fund is used to sponsor a Federal candidate for the Fellows Program each year, to the extent sufficient for a full scholarship.

The contributions of our benefactors and members have been, and will be, vital to our mission and work.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Leadership Foundation.

We encourage you to make a donation through this page, however, we also accept donations by check, ACH/wire transfer, and contributions of stock. For more information or assistance making your donation, please contact Jessa Cooke at [email protected].

The Leadership Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation may be tax deductible as provided by law.

Donattion Overview
Donation Overview
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