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We are delighted to welcome you to the IWF Community Corner. This special webpage is a virtual hub of resources, articles and programming that will help the IWF community lead through this tumultuous time. From uplifting member stories to informative conference sessions, to ways to connect with one another, there is something for everyone. We will continue to update this page and keep you informed of new content.






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Innovating at Hyerspeed: Leading with a Purpose


Special Interest Group Health Care


The Future of Entertainment and Film

On May 12 we held a special session Innovating at Hyperspeed: Leading with Purpose in a Crisis. Brie Carere, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at FedEx Corporation, discussed: how FedEx responded to the global pandemic;
how the company designs technology solutions to meet the needs of their customers and what that means for the future of global delivery; and
how innovation is fundamental to her personal leadership style.


On Wednesday, April 28th, IWF held a Special Interest Group: Health Care for a discussion with Prof. Mercè Boada, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Fundació ACE, Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment and Research Center; and Margarita Estévez-Abe, PhD, Co-Director, Center for European Studies Department of Political Science, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University.


Our special session with Women’s Forum of New York member, Ann Sarnoff. As the first women to hold the role of Chair and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group, Ann joined us for a conversation discussing where and how the industry is innovating and what we can expect in the future.




Using the Power of Partnership to Drive Sustainable Change Presented by Primark, Part of Associated British Foods
Special Interest Group: Philanthropy - Tapping the Superpower of Collaboration to Lead Complex Change


The COVID-19 Vaccine: How the Race Was Won and What Comes Next

Through its transformative initiative, the Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme is proving that producing cotton can be both more sustainable AND provide economic empowerment to women. On Wednesday, March 3 we heard from the women who created this successful initiative.


On Thursday, February 18 we joined the Special Interest Group: Philanthropy for “Tapping the Superpower of Collaboration to Lead Complex Change.” Nike facilitated a lively conversation with two courageous leaders who know how to use this superpower – Dara Munson, President and CEO of Family Focus in Chicago, and Kaile Shilling, Executive Director of the Vancouver Writers First in Canada.  

Six months ago, Susan Silbermann participated in an IWF session where she shared how Pfizer was responding and what she had learned as the leader of the company’s Global COVID-19 Task Force. Now with a vaccine launched, Susan joined us again to reflect on where we are now, how we got here and where we are going with COVID vaccines.









An Intergenerational Conversation on Race Presented by Walmart


The Global Energy Outlook Presented By Chevron
Special Interest Group: Philanthropy

On Wednesday, December 9 we held a special session - , An Intergenerational Conversation on Race Presented by Walmart. In this dynamic session, we had a candid dialogue on the topic of racial equity and how the generational gap is transforming our perceptions of race.


On November 12 we held a special session, The Global Energy Outlook Presented by Chevron. This candid dialogue focused on how COVID-19 has changed the energy outlook, the realities of the energy transition and new innovations that will change the future of energy and the entrepreneurial opportunities they offer.  

On Wednesday, September 30, we were joined by the Special Interest Group: Philanthropy for a discussion with La June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. La June will talked about leadership, racial healing and how women’s leadership can change the world in this moment. 







Special Interest Group: Health Care


Trust and the COVID-19 Pandemic


Artistic Innovation Through Adversity
On Thursday, September 24, we were joined by the Special Interest Group: Health Care for a discussion with Ivy Ng, CEO of Singapore Health and Services and member of IWF Singapore, Dr. Elena Orfanos-Boeckel, Internist, Praxis fuer Ganzheitliche Innere Medizin and member of IWF Germany, and Dr. Lucy Hone, Director, New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience and member of IWF New Zealand.   On Thursday, September 17, IWF hosted a special session to hear the findings of the latest Edelman Trust Barometer study. The annual Edelman Trust Barometer study uncovers the state of people’s trust in the four major institutions—government, business, NGOs and media—their expectations for leadership in the future, and the implications for business. The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Spring Update: Trust and the Covid-19 Pandemic reveals a remarkable shift in the landscape of trust since January.  

On Wednesday, July 29, IWF again partnered with the bespoke cultural experience company Artscapes UK. We invite you to join Artscapes UK founder, Rose Balston, as she examines how some of the superstars of European art history – Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Christopher Wren and J.M.W. Turner endured their own personal struggles and came out triumphant, creating some of the most renown pieces of their career. We will learn how painting, sculpture and architecture became symbols of a new and hopeful future. 







IWF UK - The Imperative of Inclusion: Making it happen in business and society


Dreams Disrupted: An Insider’s View to the Cancellation of the 2020 Games


Community Wellness in the Time of Coronavirus: A Conversation with Walmart

On 15 July, IWF UK President Julie Goldstein hosted a highly engaging event for IWF leaders around the world on how organisations can move from talk about inclusion to action and real change. Patricia Bellinger, Chief of Staff to the President of Harvard University, moderated the conversation with the authors of the new book INdivisible, Alison Maitland, IWF UK Vice President, and Rebekah Steele, D&I innovator.


On Thursday, July 23 we were joined for a virtual conversation with Olympians, Donna de Varona (1960 Rome Games, 1964 Tokyo Games) and Rika Saito (2008 Beijing Games), discussing this historic decision to postpone the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.From the economic and political toll to what it means for the thousands of athletes slated to compete, the International Olympic Committee’s costly decision to postpone has affected millions.   

On Thursday, July 16, we welcomed Walmart’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Van Gilder, who shared his expertise on workplace and community wellness. From expanded sick leave policies to mandatory temperature checks and face masks, Dr. Van Gilder will duscussed how Walmart is helping their employees and customers adapt to a world that has a virus without a vaccine. 







The Path Forward: A Conversation with Dr. Bernice King and Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best


Kings, Queens, Courtiers, and Lovers: Behind-the-Scenes of the English Royal Court


COVID-19: The Race to Respond

 On, June 16, we welcomed two extraordinary IWF members for a much-needed conversation. Members were invited to a special virtual event with Dr. Bernice A. King and Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best on the critical topic of policing, racism, community and cooperation. Jeanne Meserve, award-winning journalist and former CNN correspondent, will moderate the session.


For the final Behind-the-Scenes event in our virtual “festival” of London programming, we are offering members the opportunity to learn about a special side of British history and the great monarchs who shaped it. IWF and the bespoke cultural experience company Artscapes invite you to travel back in time with founder Rose Balston. Through this virtual session, Rose takes IWF members to the heart of the English Royal Court to explore the complex relationships between kings, queens, courtiers and lovers from the Stuart, Georgian and Victorian periods. 


COVID-19 has brought unmeasured consequences around the world, affecting everyone from personal loss and isolation to societies in lockdown and economic destruction. On Thursday, May 28, we had a candid conversation with Women’s Forum of New York member Susan Silbermann of Pfizer, a global pharma leader who has stepped up in the fight against this disease. As the current President of Emerging Markets and leader of Pfizer’s Global COVID-19 Task Force, Susan is uniquely qualified to give us an inside and global perspective.








The Power of Creativity
A Conversation with TIME’S UP UK


IWF Town Hall: Mental Health in the Time of a Pandemic
 On May 26, we welcomed Kia Utzon-Frank and Raffaella Baruzzo, in conversation with IWF UK member and London conference co-chair Marty Wikstrom. Kia and Raffaella are business partners with BRIK chocolates, headquartered in London. These fascinating and dynamic women kickstarted a wonderful conversation about creativity, the creative process and how to use procrastination to your advantage.    On May 21, we welcomed TIME’S UP UK Chair Dame Heather Rabbatts in conversation with the UK’s leading Intimacy Coordinator Ita O’Brien and celebrated Actor/Producer Ruth Wilson. These three prominent figures in the UK movement talked about the changes they are seeking to implement, how to navigate the fine line between personal and professional, and what they are doing to aid those who frequently find themselves vulnerable and exploited – both in the film industry and more globally.    

On May 14, we convened a virtual version of our signature Town Hall on a topic that is top of mind for everyone: sustaining emotional and mental health during the current global pandemic. IWF members Dr. Patricia Elder of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Dominique Lanctôt of Canada and “DrD” Dorianne Cara Weil of South Africa provided their counsel and insights.









Virtual Tour of London Opening Reception Venue


Virtual Behind-the-Scenes at the National Gallery, London: A Conversation with Dr. Caroline Campbell


A Conversation in Cooking with Mexican Chef Martha Ortiz

 On the 13th of May, IWF members from around the world would have gathered at Southwark Cathedral for  the Opening Reception of our Cornerstone Conference in London. While we are unable to physically be together, the doors to this stunning and historically significant venue are being opened to you virtually.  


On Tuesday, May 12, WF UK member Dr. Caroline Campbell, Director of Collections and Research at the National Gallery, London, provided a look at this iconic London institution that has been specially curated for IWF members. 


On Thursday, we welcomed IWF Mexico member, international award-winning restauranteur and chef Martha Ortiz for a conversation in cooking and the particular challenges for women chefs.








The Geopolitical Implications of COVID19 with The Hon. Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor


A Conversation with Kathy Sullivan, Astronaut and the Most Vertical Girl in the World


Mindfulness in the Time of a Pandemic with Dr. Ellen J. Langer
As we continue our weekly care packages of exclusive virtual programming, we are extremely pleased to share our conversation with the Honourable Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor on the geopolitical implications of COVID19.   

Just in time to celebrate both Earth Day and the Hubble Space Telescope's 30th anniversary, our conversation with Kathy reviewed the transformative power of satellite imagery and the importance of the Hubble Telescope for everything from global defense to economic activity. 



On April 16, IWF hosted Massachusetts Women's Forum member and Mother of Mindfulness, Dr. Ellen J. Langer, for a virtual presentation on the prevalence of mindlessness and how it creates limits of our own making for our health and well being.








COVID-19 Briefing with IWF Member The Hon. Donna Shalala


Breathe It All In


Coronavirus - Crisis and Opportunity
Our virtual COVID-19 briefing with IWF member and U.S. Congresswoman Donna Shalala, took place on Thursday, April 9. Donna provided an up-to-the-minute insider’s perspective on the global COVID-19 pandemic, including what the world can expect in the weeks and months ahead.    

Presented as a live event on the @IWFGlobal Instagram page, our first online session took place on Thursday, April 2. Titled “Breathe It All In,” breathing expert Richie Bostock took participants through a complete, 45-minute Breathwork session.



We're sharing a timely piece written by Clinical Psychologist and IWF South Africa member "DrD" Dorianne Weil.



View our range of digital content, including selections from our Ideas Remaking the World videos, an all-female sketch comedy troupe from Toronto, recorded plenary sessions from Toronto and Barcelona, plus our ongoing In the Lead and Game Changers series.





Ideas Remaking the World


Women Fully Clothed
IWF Cornerstone & World Leadership Conference Recorded Sessions

IWF members from around the world take center stage to introduce their cutting-edge concepts for building a better and more prosperous world. 


The all female sketch comedy troupe includes legendary comic actors Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, Kathryn Greenwood and Teresa Pavlinek.   A selection of recorded sessions from the 2019 World Leadership Conference in Toronto and the 2019 Cornerstone Conference in Barcelona.



In the Lead


IWF Podcast: Game Changers

In the Lead provides a unique window into the lives of IWF members and other impressive women who are leading in their fields around the world. 


IWF Game Changers is a monthly conversation with some of the trailblazing members of the International Women’s Forum.



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