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Boniswa Madikizela

Senior Lecturer

University of Johannesburg

Boniswa Madikizela is a Senior Lecturer and member of management in the Department of Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg. Passionate about teaching, and in particular efforts that improve the lives of individuals for the better, her research area of interest is financial literacy education. Boniswa is a qualified Chartered Accountant who developed her professional career as a problem solver in CIB, Standard Bank South Africa. Seeing the impact that the industry could have on people’s lives, the more her need to contribute to solving socio-economic challenges with her accounting qualification grew. In 2011, she was part of the inaugural group of students, “The Pioneers,” to register at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, and in 2012, she joined the University of Johannesburg. It is here she found that she could integrate her job with her passion for teaching and her urge to solve problems. Boniswa wishes to become a skilled opinion piece writer and a thought leader influencing the financial literacy movement in South Africa and beyond. Since attaining her masters qualification in 2017, she has gone out and made a noise for financial literacy to be viewed as a critical life skill for individuals, a skill necessary to empower individuals into taking action in improving their financial wellbeing. She is involved with the ISASA teacher intern SAMSTIP Programme, providing financial literacy workshops. In 2019, she was invited as a speaker at the inaugural annual TEDx University of Johannesburg “REIMAGINE” event.

Born and raised in a female-only household, Boniswa celebrates the success that women have achieved so far in uplifting communities and hopes that her efforts in the education and training space can have the same uplifting and sustainable impact on individuals and communities.

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Boniswa Madikizela
Boniswa Madikizela
International Women's Forum