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Angela Uilderks & Kathy Kane

Angela Uilderks - Australia | Chief Operating Officer, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Angela Uilderks is the Chief Operating Officer for the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT), based in Melbourne, Australia. SMCT is a purpose-driven, nonprofit organisation providing care for those during their grief journey. Her current portfolio includes sales, operations and hospitality retail services (food and beverage) across the nine cemetery locations administered by the Trust, which cover a total of 379 hectares (945 acres) and generates in excess of $62 million annually.

Having worked within the industry for over 20 years in a variety of sales and marketing roles, Angela has extensive practical experience in a broad range of areas, including extensive organization-wide cultural change, embedding a high-performance leadership philosophy, brand development and management, external and internal communications, and media and event management. She has also successfully embedded a complementary sales and customer-centric focus into sales teams, strengthening SCMT’s customer service. Angela is responsible for the development of sales methodologies and integrated campaigns for major product releases, pricing models, budgeting and forecasting, along with change and issues management.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Behavioral Science (Hons.), a Master of Marketing, and completed the Leadership Victoria, Williamson’s Community Leadership Program in 2015.

Kathy Kane - IWF Australia | Executive Coach, KathyKane

Kathy Kane is an executive coach with a 30-year international career in health in the United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand, as well as experience in consulting and executive search. She has developed expertise in organisational culture and transformation, executive coaching, leadership development, mentoring, business development and operational excellence.

As a senior executive in large, complex organisations in both the United States and United Kingdom, including six years as Director of Modernisation at the NHS in London, combined with consulting experience in public and private sectors internationally, Kathy understands the challenges and opportunities of work environments where flexibility, agility, resilience and self-belief are vital.

Over the last few years, Kathy has brought her experience to her executive coaching business, where she focuses on creating a safe place for discussion, reflection and support to help clients achieve their goals.

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Angela Uilderks & Kathy Kane
Angela Uilderks & Kathy Kane
International Women's Forum