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Alyssa Conley & Helena Dolny

Alyssa Conley

Field Hockey | South Africa


Alyssa Conley is a Track and Field Olympian who represented Team South Africa at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Born and bred in the cultural South Africa, Alyssa Conley currently resides in Johannesburg where she is a NIKE-sponsored athlete. Known as the "City of Gold”, Johannesburg is where Alyssa’s passion and hunger for success grew. Her Olympic dreams were sparked after watching Marion Jones compete at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Jones’ poise, style and incredible athleticism captivated her. Shortly after, Alyssa began rigorous training as a track athlete, overcoming numerous hurdles along the way, to finally qualify as an Olympian in 2016. Now, training for the 2020 Olympic qualifiers but also thinking about her post-athlete life, Alyssa’s goal is to own her own elite training academy, the “Elite Stars Training Academy”, in her hometown of Johannesburg. She is inspired to help develop, guide, and manage young South African athletes so they may reach their full potential. Alyssa has previously worked at the University of Johannesburg as a fitness instructor and as a lecturer for the Education Department. Prior to her sponsorship, she worked at NIKE Africa as a Product Specialist in the Marketing department.

Helena Dolny

Managing Director | Grey Matters Leadership Development

MENTOR | IWF South Africa

Dr. Helena Dolny is an international executive coach, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since 2009, she has worked globally as a leadership coach along with teaching at the Henley Business School in Johannesburg. She is currently the team coach to three separate organizations including UN affiliated organizations, a research institute and a corporate executive team. Helena began coaching in 2004 after a 25 year career as an agricultural economist. She has experience in nonprofits (Rural Advice Center), with parastatals (SAFCOL) and the private sector (FNB and Standard Bank) and as well as undertaking consulting work for international development agencies. In 1997, she was appointed Managing Director of the Land Bank by then President Nelson Mandela, after finishing her PhD on land markets. In this role, she led an institutional transformation in post-apartheid South Africa. Helena is a prolific author with numerous books and articles to her name. She was a Rockefeller Writer-in­ Residence scholar to Bellagio in 2015. She lives in Johannesburg with her husband, John Perlman, radio journalist and CEO of the Dreamfields project- a football development project in townships and rural areas.

Alyssa Conley Helena Dolny
Alyssa Conley & Helena Dolny
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