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2018 WABN Mentors & Mentees

Kelly Becker & Victoria Gottlieb

Kelly Becker is a field hockey player from the United States. Her mentor Victoria Gottlieb is the Senior Director at Luxury Brand Partners.

Thea Culley & Jill Earthy

Thea Culley is a field hockey player from Canada. Her mentor Jill Earthy is the Chief Growth Officer at FrontFundr.

Vicky Ellis & Sue Hunt

Vicky Ellis is a competitive sailor from the United Kingdom. Her mentor Sue Hunt is a Non-Executive Director at Impact International.

Sarah Hanffou & Patrizia Marraghini

Sarah Hanffou is a competitive table tennis player from France. Her mentor Patrizia Marraghiniis the head of the International Legal Department at KEOLIS SA.

Madeleine Hogan & Gabrielle Dolan

Madeleine Hogan is a javelin thrower from Australia. Her mentor Gabrielle Dolan is a speaker, author, & mentor at Gabrielle Dolan Consulting.

Iasha King & Christa Gannon

Iasha King is a martial artist from the United States. Her mentor Christa Gannon is the CEO of Fresh Lifelines for Youth Inc.

Phaidra Knight & Bonnie St. John

Phaidra Knightis a rugby player from the United States. Her mentor Bonnie St. John is the CEO of Blue Circle Leadership Institute.

Angela Lewis & Frana Gucciardi

Angela Lewis is a basketball player from the United States. Her mentor Frana Gucciardi is the CEO of the McCall MacBain Foundation.

Carmen Marton & Kate Thiele

Carmen Marton is a Taekwondo athlete from Australia. Her mentor Kate Thiele is the Founder and Principal of Klarity.

Gloria Nantulya & Helene Gayle

Gloria Nantulya is a field hockey player from the United States. Her mentor Helene Gayle is the CEO of the Chicago Community Trust.

Catherine Phillips & Sue Renkin

Catherine Phillips is an ultimate frisbee player from Australia. Her mentor Sue Renkin is the Managing Director of Executive Growth Australia.

Taylor Ritzel & Lesli Glatter

Taylor Ritzel is a competitive rower from the United States. Lesli Glatter is the Executive Producer/Director of Homeland.

Erika Taugher & Julie Van Haren

Erika Taugher is a soccer player from the United States. Her mentor Julie Van Haren is the SVP Communications & Investor Relations for Texas Instruments.

Kim Vandenberg & Aleksandra Y. Efimova

Kim Vandenberg is an olympian, philanthropist, writer, & motivational speaker. Her mentor is Aleksandra Y. Efimova, an entrepreneur, community leader, & speaker.
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2018 WABN Mentors & Mentees
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